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MUCKs, like MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, MUXen, and the like, are text-based virtual environments. These communities online host a broad range of interpersonal interaction, from chit-chat to roleplay. Within a MUCK, one can assume a new identity, or attempt to translate one's RLself (Real Life self) into virtual terms. MUCKs are excellent places to explore, as each is unique, created by its administrators and citizen-builders.

DelusionsMUCK started spinning on Monday, August 8, 1994, shortly before the well-known QwestMUCK ceased to exist. What was to become a haven for people after Qwest shortly turned into a full-featured MUCK, and is now serving around 500 citizens.


DelusionsMUCK is a themed world, which means that everything built should follow the genres of Nature / Medieval / Fantasy. It consists of four elemental main worlds and a fifth one holding them all together. The different worlds within Delusions and features such as the rapid travel system (go down from the Elemental Nexus to access it), pathfinder magic (use the magic word pf), and mapping (use map to see if there is a map of the area you are in) make it an orderly universe which is easy and to explore, with something for everyone! Residents can learn about and study the various magics available by looking at the lists of globals or locals.


Note: The square brackets are used to differentiate between parts of a command. The word(s) within the brackets will vary, as in the example: To use, type: hint [keyword]
You would insert the keyword of your choice instead of [keyword] in this case.
An area designed to give newbies the basic concepts of Mucking.
To use, type: helparea
A feature allowing players to set themselves Guides allowing for newbies to summon them when in need of help.
To use, type: summon #help
A command giving helpful hints at login, or when called, educating the player little by little at each session. Allows player to search for help with a keyword.
To use, type: hint [keyword]
A command showing player a step-by-step tutorial on a specific topic. Allows player to search for tutorial with a keyword.
To use, type: tutor [keyword]
Customized Helpfiles
Our helpfiles are carefully written in plain English for ease of comprehension.
To use, type: help
Global List
The list showing all global commands, MUF-add ons, along with some quickhelp.
To use, type: globals
ALL global commands on Delusions have helpscreens showing when typing: [command] #help or look [command]
ANSI/Color System
This enables your Delusions to be in color. Delusions's ANSI-system uses Interpreted ANSI, an inserver ANSI-parser, that translates only a limited set of ANSI-codes. That way people cannot spoof others with blinking text or dangerous ANSI-commands which can be done in systems using Direct ANSI.
For more info, type: news ansi
Complete In-Server Linewrap
Our linewrap makes sure you see it all. If your terminal/system does not support linewrap you can now trust in Delusions to handle it for you.
To use, type: @linewrap #help
You may teleport from place to place within the world.
To use, type: teleport
This is a MUF-program allowing for transportation throughout the Realms, making exploring easy while taking you to the world's highlights.
To use: from the Elemental Nexus, go down to enter the tunnels.
This is a MUF-program quickly plotting the way to another player, moving you there, showing the distance, etc.
To use, type: pf #help
FamilyMagic allows you to:
  • Define who is who in your family.
  • Set your family name thus becoming a family patriarch/matriarch.
  • Set your species, gender, and title.
  • Set to which family or clan you belong, or start a new family or clan.
  • List people in your family, by family name or by species.
  • Check who you are related to.
  • Also, familymagic will only allow logical relations to be set, thus allowing for non-recursive family trees to be drawn.
To use, type: @family #help
Online Games
Well, you can't work all the time, can you? :)
To use: from the Elemental Nexus, go (through the) mirror, then down to get to the Four Winds Bar Gamerooms.

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