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Step 1: Requesting a Character
If you would like a character of your own at DelusionsMUCK, please fill out the following form. All of the fields are required. Keep in mind that there are no spaces in character names or passwords.
--> Your first and last names (in real life):
Your e-mail address (must be valid):
Character name (first choice): (second choice):
Starting password:

Requested character is usually created within 1-3 days. If you have any questions, or if this form fails to work, please send email to

Step 2: Reviewing Policies
The following excerpt is from the policy named pr-policy, which best summarizes the conduct expected of all DelusionsMUCK Citizens:

This world's main issue when it comes to leading one's life is RESPECT. Without respect of other people and of oneself, there arise situations that must be dealt with in accordance with the following policy.

The Wizard of Citizen Relations (Carinah) is everyone's source of information regarding harrassment in the world of Delusions. If a person is ever unsure of the policy regarding punishable offenses, this is the person to ask. The Wizard will act in accordance with the policy as much as possible; however, there are always situations that fall into grey areas and in those cases, it is the responsibility of the Wizard to make the best possible decision. The Wizard of Citizen Relations carries out these decisions in the best interest of the world as a whole. All Wizards have the power to vote in cases of @anvilling, and the God (Mystikite) has absolute veto power. All Wizards are informed by the Wizard of Citizen Relations of the method of action taken in each case.

Step 3: Logging In
You have three options of logging into DelusionsMUCK: (Once you are connected, you will be prompted to connect using connect [name] [password], forgoing the brackets. If you wish to visit as a guest, please use connect guest guest.)

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