DelusionsMUCK's Universe

Delusions' Universe

DelusionsMUCK is a ThemeMUCK, which means that everything being built must follow the themes of Nature / Medieval / Fantasy. It consists of four elemental main worlds and a fifth one holding them all together. The different worlds within Delusions and features such as the rapid travel system (go 'down' from the Nexus to access it), pathfinder magic (use the magic word 'pf'), and mapping (use 'map' to see if there is a map of the area you are in) make it an orderly universe which is easy and to explore, with something for everyone! Residents can learn about and study the various magics available by looking at the lists of 'globals' or 'locals'.

The worlds are:

Center world, Four Winds, subtheme of Spirits.
Northern world, Arvernien, subtheme of Earth.
Eastern world, Ymatryl, subtheme of Water.
Southern world, Volcania, subtheme of Fire.
Western world, Aldora, subtheme of Air.


Four Winds

Four Winds is the fifth world on Delusions. Situated in the center of the universe it connects the four other worlds with its Elemental Nexus. This is the place to meet people, leave or read messages on the bulletin board there.

No building can take place inside Four Winds. In this world, you will find the Four Winds Bar and right above the Nexus hovers the HUB, where one can find the Builders' Forum, the HelpArea, and the Deluseum, a museum with history and information about Delusions.



Arvernien is the realm of Earth, located north of the Nexus and managed by Siegfried and Summersong. The Crissaegrim Mountains to the north were once volcanic, and it is to this the realm owes its lushness and fertile soil. Arvernien is bordered on the east by the glittering River Cirilon. Xerwood Forest is the entrance to the realm and has the most residents. Homes in Arvernien include things such as castles, caverns, treehouses, and cottages.

The magic words 'glade' and 'inn' are important in Arvernien; the first gets you to the central point of the realm, which contains the bulletin board. The second takes you to the magnificent Silver Tree Inn, housed in the only tree of its kind known to these shores. Residents who do not yet have homes of their own may stay in the Inn's dormitory.

Tunnels underneath Arvernien, managed by the dwarves of Aglarond, provide (sometimes!) rapid transportation to get around the world. To access the tunnels, go down from the Glade and be sure to have a look at the map.

Areas available for building and who to contact

Aglarond Caverns beneath Xerwood Forest (Siegfried)
Calacirya Region high in the northern mountains (Siegfried/Wrex)
Castle Kite Mystikite's castle beyond the Labyrinth (Mystikite)
Mt. Mindollin Steep slopes in the northeast part of Arvernien (Summersong)
Xerwood Forest Main area and entrance to the realm (Siegfried/Summersong)

The magic word 'amap' will show you a rough map and instructions on how to get to each area. Please contact Summersong or Siegfried if you would like to build a home in this realm.



Ymatryl is the Eastern World, managed by Eef and Kari. As water is the subtheme, travelers will find many rivers and streams and can travel by gondolas manned by water sprites. Areas to explore in Ymatryl include Callanthea, Reicros, Tropical Beach, and Maiatani. A bulletin board is available for posting in Reicros Center. Contact Kari or Eef for your riverside or beachfront home!



Volcania is the Southern World, managed by Ragnar and Ghostkat. With a subtheme of Fire it is not surprising to find an ancient Volcano here; Mount Doom. In the east part of the realm you can find The Dark Side surrounded by the Dark Mountains. A bulletin board is available there for residents to express their thoughts. Mount Acheron is another large volcano area down there. If you're into sand landscapes then Volcania's The Dunes is what you're looking for. You could also choose to live in Newisha Village in the desert area. The mining tunnels beneath Volcania connect the different areas and offer an easy way to get around. Contact Ghostkat or Ragnar for a home in this world.



Aldora is the world of Air, located to the west of the Nexus and managed by Spencer and Leeza. It consists of the floating continent of Synnovea, Atmos City, and the floating Skylands, which were once part of another world but broke free and joined the other worlds of Delusions. You can read more about the interesting and distinguished History of Aldora as recorded by Spencer, which is especially helpful for those wishing to build or roleplay in that world. Contact Leeza or Spencer for a home in the sky.

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