DelusionsMUCK, Helpstaff

Delusions' Helpstaff

Delusions' Helpstaff consists of the Wizards, their Acolytes and the World Managers. It's their job to keep the MUCK running smoothly.



Wizards are the administrators of Delusions. They have special powers to be able to create characters, move rooms around, code programs, etc.

Is the God and the owner of DelusionsMUCK.

Is the Senior Administrative & F/X-Wizard, creating characters and fiddling with dark magic.

Is the PR-Wizard. She makes sure that abusive players, also referred to as TinyJerks, don't get old.

Is the Network-Wizard, making sure Delusions has a place to live.

Is Delusions Coding-Wizard, in charge for all programs and coding priviledges being handed out to players.

Is the Server-Wizard. His job is to keep the MUCKs source-code in shape, upgrading, bugfixing, etc.

Is the Building-Wizard making sure all main structure follow the MuckThemes.



Acolytes are helpful and experienced players. They help the wiz-family answering people's questions about building and coding matters. They also serve as testers of the MUCK, reporting to wizzes if/when they find something that can be improved. Wizards can only have three Acolytes each. This is to prevent the helpstaff from g rowing too large, with communication problems following.

Barton and Collin are Acolytes to Mystikite.
Milner is Acolyte to Darkside
Layne is Acolyte to Daemon
Leeza and starkitty are Acolytes to Carinah
Quercus is Acolyte to Terrington
Viran and Dreamweaver are Acolytes to Wrex


World Managers

The Managers are the people that created the backbone structure on Delusions in the beginning of times. Their job is to help people move into the worlds as well as continue to provide a back bone structure for the MUCK. The Managers have raised quota to b e able to do this.

Siegfried and Summersong are the managers for the Northern World; Arvernien.
Kari and Eef are managers for the Eastern World; Ymatryl.
Ghostkat and ragnar are managers for the Southern World; Volcania.
Alyx and Leeza are managers for the Western World; Aldora.